How to mount a TV on a concrete or brick wall without drilling

In most cases, you are better off drilling your wall to mount a TV. However, there are instances where this may not be possible, especially if you are living in a rented space that does not allow tenants to drill their walls.

For you to mount your TV without drilling the wall, you can use a TV stand such as a tabletop or a floor standing universal stand, strong adhesive hangers or glue/tape, or a ceiling mount bracket

Let us look at how you can use each of these options to mount your TV on a brick or concrete wall without drilling.

1.      TV stand

Using a TV stand is one of the best ways to mount a Tv without drilling on the wall. When you are looking for a great TV stand, you should go for one that is at least as wide the TV to leave some space on the side for you to place some of your other devices. You should also consider the viewing angle that you want to use and buy a stand that is either short, standard, or tall in height.

For a cleaner and more flexible set up, I would recommend investing in an adjustable TV stand like a mount rolling TV stand or mobile TV cart rolling Tv stand. A mount rolling TV stand gives you the flexibility to move the TV to another location, adjust the height. This can cost you between $70 and $130.

A cheaper option would be a universal tabletop swivel TV stand that can be placed on a table/desk and is also height adjustable and also allow you to rotate (swivel) the TV. A universal swivel stand should cost you under $50 in most cases.

The Tv stand should also have cable management options which will make your media room or home theater look as clean and appealing to the eye as possible. You should also try to match the color of the stand to that of the room and you can do this by either buying a stand that matches the color or by spray painting the stand.

2.      Strong TV adhesives

There are different strong tape or glue adhesive that you can use to mount your TV. But for this to work, the adhesive has to be able to hold heavy objects such as your TV (check the maximum weight that the adhesive can hold).

You should make sure that the wall is as clean as possible before applying the adhesive hangers. Also, use a level to ensure that the TV mount will be straight. Attach the mounting plate to the back of your TV (use the instruction manual) and also attach the mounting bracket to the hangers after which you can now connect them all.

However, you should note that there is also a risk or your TV falling no matter how strong the adhesive is. Also, removing the adhesive hanger will be much harder in case you decide to move out or get permission to drill the wall.

I would not recommend using this method to mount your TV.

3.      Adjustable ceiling mount bracket

This last method will actually involve some drilling or hammering for installation.

You will first need to check the weight specifications of the ceiling mount before you purchase to ensure that it can hold your TV’s weight. This ceiling mount should also be adjustable to allow you to tweak the swivel, the height, and the angle of your TV.

Here is how to install a ceiling TV mount;

  1. Determine where the ceiling joists are (use a stud finder) to mount tv and make sure that there are no water pipes, electrical lines or anything that can get damaged. If the ceiling is made of concrete, this should not be a problem.
  2. Mark the points where you will drill the pilot holes using the holes on the TV mount ceiling plate as your guide. The plate may have 2 holes for a concrete ceiling (smaller holes) and 2 for wooden joists (slightly wider).
  3. Drill pilot holes on the ceiling. For a wooden ceiling make sure that you drill on the joists.
  4. Install the mounting plate and screw it in to make sure that it is nice and tight.
  5. Put the mounting collar in the plate and line up the holes and slide in the pole making sure that you line up the holes.
  6. Bolt the mounting pole to the plate and make sure that it is tight and then put the decorative dish on, if there is one.
  7. Add the final adjustable pole in. You may need to fish your TV cables through the pole from the ceiling if you have a wooden ceiling before installing the adjustable pole.
  8. Bolt the pole in and tighten it using some washers and nuts. You can adjust the pole before bolting depending on how high you want your TV to be.
  9. Assemble the TV mount swivel head and mount it to the back of the TV (use the instructions manual).
  10. Finally, get someone to help you lift the TV, add the bolts, washers, and nuts to tighten the swivel head to the mounting pole.

Your ceiling mount may be slightly different, so, remember to follow the user manual.

My final thoughts

Mounting your TV to a concrete or brick wall without drilling is complicated. In most cases, you are better off drilling the wall for you to mount the TV but if you live in a rented space make sure that you get permission from the landlord first.

The other best alternative to this is using a TV stand. In my opinion, this is actually the only way you can mount a TV to a concrete wall without damaging the wall. I would highly recommend you use this method over the rest.

For adhesives, I do not believe that they can be strong enough to hold a bigger TV (50 inches and above). However, if your TV is lighter, this can be a great option but more difficult to remove.

The final option will involve some drilling which defeats the purpose of not having to drill in the first place.

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