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Diyhometronics is a home technology website that provides you with well-curated guides, tricks, and hacks. Here you will learn how to perform various tasks and what you should look for when you are shopping around for products whether it is for your audio/visual equipment, home studio, home network, and much more. We do this without using confusing and very technical jargon hence our motto “Home Technology Made Simple.”

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Our mission to ensure that you have the smoothest

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  • Have a great audio and video setup.
  • Correctly set up your home network and that includes even home media servers for movies, work, and so on.
  • Learn about the latest tech buying tips, some of the best practices when doing the same, and what to avoid.
  • Get tips on how to set up a home studio.
  • Learn about new tech products worth every penny that you can add to your home to keep up with technology.
  • Upgrade your current home tech setups and much more.

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We write what is best for you using our experience in dealing with the various problems and through extensive research and by talking to experts. We help you deal with tech issues and give you insights that range from beginner, intermediate, and even technical levels. We do this as a small dedicated and caring team that is not backed up by any major co-operation.

About the authors

George Gitau:

I am George Gitau.  I have been a tech enthusiast from the age of 12 with a keen interest in audio and visual equipment ranging from satellite speakers to projectors and much more. I am now 22 and currently pursuing a degree in microprocessor technology at the University of Nairobi. I will be dealing with most of the guides that are mainly dedicated to media rooms and home theaters.

John Brown:

My name is John Brown, a 26-year-old software engineer that studied at RMIT in Melbourne Australia. I have been involved with things to do with technology for the better part of my life with interest developing after I got my first iPod and a cheap pair of headphones at the age of 9. This led me into learning more about other tech products but it is computers, home networks, and music equipment that I really fell in love with as time went by, which led me into pursuing a degree in software engineering.

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